bibarel peka

long time no see!

happy new year!!

long time no see!

during the 1 years.

I gave up "collector" but still pokemon fan!
I always went pokemoncenter osaka.

my weight become -14kg for 6 month! XD

old post .. I have fat face.. embarrassed.

I want to study English and want make friends of over the world!


this picture is my painting drawn by student of art school.
it's good than real me. ha ha^^

bibarel peka


Today's Pokemon Smash is canceled.
All Japanese TV program always has been warning on the screen with big maps.
PokemonCenter Tokyo and Yokohama also closed since yesterday.

Osaka and many area still safe,
but some area of Japan still has earthquake today ..
It's very horrible.. I pray for the people ..
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bibarel peka

From Japan/osaka. I'm OK!

Biggest earthquake attacked to small Japan.

I'm safe! My family, house, room, and collection!

My friends, Thank you for message!

I wish more earthquakes will not happen.

Many people's safe..

Thanks!  I appreciate the kindness of you. ;_;